432 Hz Musictherapy and Sound Healing

I play handmade 432 Hz melodic percussions: oceandrum, tubular bells, koshi, singing crystal bowls, Tibetan bowls, kalimba, etc… .

I chose to play percussions in 432 Hz tuning (432 cycles per second) because they produce less oscillations per second in a single note and this creates positive effects for our body.

On the radio you usually listen to 440 Hz music, your body and mind receive more oscillations per second in a single musical note. This kind of sounds accelerate all body and mind functions.

432 Hz sounds help us to live following our bio rhythm, they produce harmonics that resonate with our heartbeat. This kind of sounds help brain to synchronize the two hemispheres by promoting concentration, intuition and perception skills.

Meditazione sonora in movimento
Bagno di suoni con oceandrum