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Hi special Soul, my name is Barbara Francescato, welcome to Music for Body, welcome to my world, songs and videos I create to inspire you keeping in touch with your heart.

I live in Italy near Venice, I’m a soprano singer, composer and sound healer, playing 432 Hz handmade melodic percussions such as oceandrum, tubular bells, koshi, singing crystal bowls, Tibetan bowls, etc… .

I play and sing energy healing music for sound healing sessions, meditation and contemporary dance workshops and shows. I play sensory concerts at the seaside or inside museums.

I’m a composer writing tailor made songs for osteopaths, doctors, meditation, yoga, dance teachers and spiritual special souls.

I also create customized music for video maker and visual artists involved in the development of digital interactive installations for museums and contemporary art exhibitions.

Discover Music for Body

The daily life Cd

Music-for-Body-per suonoterapia


Every day, the best opportunity is You! Love yourself.

I hope that these songs can help you to bring peace and harmony in your daily life thanks to healing sounds and warming melodies cuddling your authentic light.

You won’t find lyrics on my songs, I don’t sing words. I’ll warm you with meditative and sweet voice melodies, so you can stop thinking at all.

In this cd you’ll find six songs, all played and recorded by me, Barbara Francescato.

SIAE 2020 All rights reserved.

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The meditation Cd

Music-for-Body-per suonoterapia


Relax youself, breath and stop thinking. Let this songs guide you to find peace and new colours for your soul.


In this Cd you’ll find chakra healing music for meditation and receptive music therapy to help you on stress relief.


These songs are longer than the others because when you meditate, time changes. Relax, take your time, stay with yourself and let these sounds caress your heart.


In this cd you’ll find seven songs, all played and recorded by me, Barbara Francescato.

SIAE 2020 All rights reserved.

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Sound Healing Songs and Meditation Music


I write, sing and play relaxing songs, healing meditation music to bring positive vibrations to your body, mind and soul.

I’m a world music singer inspired by Norwegian nu-Jazz and celtic folk music so you’ll find meditative jazz soundscapes as well as angelic melodies because… Everyday I’m grateful to Them.

Relaxing Music for Radio and Web Radio


I write, play and sing tailor made songs for web radios that cuddle listeners with calming and relaxing music.

…Like short sound healing sessions or sound baths, by you at home, listening to a web Radio.

Concert Experiences & Sensory Concerts


I play sensory concerts in unique places like glamping resorts, agritourisms, nice and luxury B&B bed and breakfast, guesthouses, cosy cottage at the seaside.

I create and play concert experiences in museums, zoo and temporary exhibitions with digital interactive installations.