Hi Dear,

… You have to know that I’m in love with the ocean… And that I adore staying at the seaside looking to the horizon and listening to waves’ messages.

Lots of songs I write come when I’m there… Walking or meditating at the sun.

Washing Waves arrived some days before my birthday, singing at the seaside while meditating on the new age coming.

… The Sea starts speaking…

Some waves come and go… Only few remains to create deep flows that wash away what’s old and let new pearls to manifests themselves.  

This song speaks about that, about Love and rebirth of soul, and I really want to share it with you.

While here in Italy I was listening to the waves, Mirko Mondiali by Mik Mon Photo shoted Washing Waves video’s images in Valencia, telepathically, capturing what the waves were communicating here… .

So that’s what Italian and Spanish waves brought us while meditating at the seaside…

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Song & Video Credits:

Video Credits:

“Washing Waves” song by Barbara Francescato – Music for Body®

Video shoting by: Mirko Mondiali – Mik Mon Photo – Valencia – Spain

Video and sound design by: Barbara Francescato

SIAE 2021 all rights reserved.