Music for Body


Hi special Soul, my name is Barbara Francescato, I’m an Italian soprano, sound healer and song writer.

Music for Body is sound healing music for receptive sound therapy. I create tailor made songs for osteopaths, doctors, meditation, yoga, dance teachers to help them healing their patients.

Music for Body is specific songs I play during my active sound therapy workshops for groups or individual sessions to help people listening and to their whole body, exploring it with authentic movements, calming mind thoughts and balancing chakras.

I also guide them living sounds and music with the whole body thanks to specific meditation and yoga techniques based on healing melodies and rhythms.

Music for Body is sound healing music because of instruments tuning and their sounds’ quality.

I’m a soprano singer studying to sing with healing harmonics since I was 16 years old. And I really thank Lichenberger Methode®  by Gisela Rohmert to teached me this special way of living voice and bringing my voice to people.

I play only 432 Hz handmade melodic percussions: oceandrum, tubular bells, koshi, singing crystal bowls, Tibetan bowls, etc… I chose to play percussions in 432 Hz tuning (432 cycles per second) because they produce less oscillations per second in a single note and this creates positive effects for our body.