I’m what I live


I’m what I live, I’m all choices and experiences I did to become who I am.

Music for Body is my dream that become true, my wish to help people live music with their whole body… My dream to help people solve psychosomatic problems with good sounds and healing music.

When I was young I dreamed to become a good singer, my family loves music so I listened to lots of authors, bands and concert since I was a child. I’ll always be grateful to my Mum and Daddy for that.

I’ve spent hours and hours listening to singers’ voices to learn singing like them, but in most cases I understood their vocal problems, their stress and struggles.


When I was 16 years old I started my singing lessons with Marta Facco teaching me the German Lichtenberger® Methode by Gisela Rohmert of Lichtenberger Institut für angewandte Stimmphysiologie.

These meetings changed me and me in my life: Marta helped me to change my way of living the relationship with my body, mind and soul while singing a single musical note or a song.

Lichtenberger® Methode is a singing method that works on relaxing a singer to better improve his/her vocal capabilities. Like a singing meditation studying body physiology by feeling it deeply in your body. So special…!

At 16 years old I did my first concert playing my guitar and singing Radiohead and Carmen Consoli’s songs. Unforgettable moments…

Since I was a teenager my research on singing and music was dealing with songs you can live with the whole body and techniques to improve this kind of approach.

In 2005 I decided to take part to a Susanne Martinet’s workshop about her contemporary dance and singing method Espressione Corporea®… Love at first sight! So I started to discover new ways to express myself with spontaneous authentic movements able to nurse my voice with healing frequencies.

…And I decided to participate also other workshops and sessions to live other techniques like walking and Tibetan meditation, tantric yoga and bioenergetics by Lowen.

I sang in more bands, playing jazz, world and easy rock songs, but my favourite music was and is nowadays world and meditative nu-jazz.

In 2018 I published Aqua a world music Ep with Dulce Ponte’s and Noa’s songs played by Fabiano Guidi Colombi, a very special guitar player. But I was looking for a new way of singing, I wanted to sing like an instrument, not like a singer.

During summer I met Massimo Berizzi a nu-jazz trumpet player who asked me to join him singing for his quartet. An unforgettable experience that changed my way of singing, I started to sing like a trumpet.

I decided to better improve this kind of approach studying Musica Percettiva® an original jazz singing method by Enrica Bacchia, and in the same months I started to play with Daniele Principato a special nu-jazz producer who worked with famous jazz people like Rob Mazurek.

After these experiences I decided to create my own music, so I started to work on Music for Body, my dream that after some months became true.