Sensory Concerts



You can join Music for Body in different kind of workshops, concerts and sessions


Sensory Concerts & Sound Healing Sessions

Music for Body is sound healing music for receptive and active sound therapy, composed and played with 432 Hz handmade melodic percussions such as oceandrum, tubular bells, koshi, singing crystal bowls, Tibetan bowls, etc… .

Music for Body is music to be experienced with the whole body, feeling it deeply and exploring it authentically with pure and spontaneous movements. It’s tailor made songs to be experienced while doing specific meditation and yoga practices.


Sound Healing Individual Sessions

It’s a tailor made private concert for you to help you relaxing yourself, keeping in touch with your body and soul and experiencing different sounds and specific songs. We’ll work on body, movements, emotions and psychosomatic messages.


Sound Healing Workshops for Small Groups

These workshops are tailor made concerts for small groups to help people better feeling themselves discovering their spontaneous authentic movements and experiencing how specific sounds and music can heal different emotions and body expressions.


Sensory Concerts

I also play my songs during sensory concerts in unique places at the seaside, in the mountain or at special glamping resorts, agritourisms, nice B&B bed and breakfast, guesthouses, cosy cottages.


Concert Experiences

I create and play concert experiences for specific museums, zoo and temporary exhibitions with digital interactive installations.


Sound Baths

Healing sounds of crystal singing bowls, Tibetan bowls and tubular bells to calm body, mind and soul and to let a new life perspective come in.


Online Streaming Concerts

I play online live concerts keeping in touch with you wherever you are. You can book your private session choosing date and hour.


Tailor made concerts for Meditation, Yoga and Dance Workshops

I also play my music during workshops and sessions organized by special colleagues.

Concerto sensoriale al mare